wellness@work ®

Better career outcomes are achieved by those who are at their best. Whether your goal is to achieve more in your current role or to change your career, a focus on your wellness@work will facilitate your success.

Our studies have shown that there are 6 elements of our life and career where we need to be making good decisions to be at our best. We call them the 6 cylinders of wellness. Click here for your 6 cylinders guide and scorecard.



Are your staff at their best??  Run a WELLNESS@WORK® workshop to get them there.

This 60 min workshop gives staff to tools and knowledge they need to be at their best with a combination of wellness neurology, biology and psychology. We'll provide a wellness profile for your team and a 6 week wellness progress report.

PROGRAM FLYER:     Click here for more detail on running a workshop for your staff.

2014 RESEARCH STUDY RESULTS:       How to reduce stress and workload pressure in 6 weeks

CASE STUDY:             Case study in Financial Services demonstrating the impact of the program