Smashing it; great tips for creating a career with meaning

ALCHEMY exists to help people achieve career success and be at their best. Sometimes we all need the inspiration of others to nudge us in the right direction or simply ‘keep the faith’ and soldier on. Career transition can be ‘scary’ as it means change and uncertainty. From an evolutionary perspective, we human prefer to stick with the tried and true because it seems safe. So for this reason we would like to present you with a regular blog that celebrates greatness in others and is inspiring; people that excel, who while they make what they do look effortless, we know that this has come from putting themselves out there, focused effort and tenacity. And because we are all about careers, let’s start with this inspirational woman who has reframed her career in terms of social impact.  

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Negotiating a salary from a position of strength

Recently I have been coaching my eldest to secure a role in the highly competitive tech world. After a grueling assessment process, he found himself in the enviable position of deciding between three companies who all wanted to play coy about what they would pay for his skills. Of course, these offers did not come all at the same time exactly so careful negotiation was required. There are some good lessons from this experience that anyone negotiating a salary can apply.

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