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meet the alchemy community

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to connect with amazing organisations who are just as passionate as we are about what they do. We bring this tribe together so that our clients and contacts can benefit from the support, tools and resources of the group.



The chemistry to our alchemy, Human Chemistry is an assessment and development consulting firm of organisational psychologists who specialise in the tools that assess individual strengths, potential, development opportunities and career paths.


ALCHEMY was founded as the non-executive career transition partner to HunterBligh and we have been in a symbiotic partnership ever since. HB provide open ended and specialist executive career transition support to our combined network.


We observe an increase in mental health issues across industries and in fact throughout society so we are delighted to partner with the Workplace Mental Health Institute to deliver programs proven to increase employee engagement, improve culture and build resilience.


Janette Ishiyama has helped over 3000 individuals to connect with and refresh their personal brand aligned to their life and career aspirations.

financial planning

During career transition, a confident financial plan makes all the difference psychologically so we partner with Omniwealth, an Australian financial planning firm to provide our clients with specialist financial advice.


ALCHEMY Operations

As an agile boutique coaching firm we partner with enableSME in Manila who support us with our back office operations. enableSME manage our administration, project management and finance functions, leaving us more time to focus on our clients.


We partner with a range of recruitment firms to ensure that our clients can connect with experts in their target industry and role type.