Alison Testimonials

alison skate testimonials

"Working with Alison was a great human and learning experience! Very professional in her approach, I'm sure she's able to make a difference for any of her future coachees, as she did for me! I'm definitely recommending Alison to both people who have had exposure to coaching and to those "touching" this field for the first time - definitely a great ambassador for the profession! Alison's coaching style is very direct, open, not giving-up when she feels there is an idea worthwhile further investigating. Alison helped me realize things about myself I didn't have any idea about... And above all, it was fun!”                                                                                                                                                                    

Gabriel F, Chief Financial Officer, Luxembourg

“Alison provided an excellent coaching style and support in each session and was a major factor in helping me develop a desired personal change.”

                                                                                                                                                                             Brian H, Project Manager, Resources Industry, Australia

"I took some new steps in my business, inspired by Alison's coaching. The biggest [learning] was about my core values. I looked over which ones I had and how they affected me and my business. I did make a big change there. You are professional yet so personal and warm. I felt trust from the beginning. When I am in need of coaching, you are the one I call!"                                                    

 Inger E, Organisational Behaviour Consultant, Sweden

“Alison has empowered me and helped give me my life back. I cannot thank her enough or even imagine that she’ll ever understand everything she’s done for me, for the genuine care and compassion and the effortless professionalism I experienced with Alison in my session, words escape me for how grateful I am.”                                                                                                                                          

Leah S, Executive Assistant, Brisbane

"I am currently working with Alison Skate as part of a career transition coaching engagement. While I was initially a little reticent, Alison has proved to be a great help to me. She is very focused on providing what her client needs, and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend Alison as a coach.”

Brian W, Professional Services Director, ITC, Australia

"Alison was a true pleasure to have as a coach. Alison is a coach [who] will be with you wherever you are in that moment and give you the space and trust that you need to move forward.”

Teresa S, Executive Consultant, Switzerland

"The value I gained from our first coaching session was priceless... I experienced a profound change that rippled through all the domains of my life... I came to gain confidence, and I left with so much more than that.”

Melissa W, Organisational Consultant, Brisbane

"You have really developed some excellent material and activities to unleash people’s true potential.”

Steve D, Company Director, Brisbane

"It was great to have facilitators so passionate about their topic. The day provided great insight into team dynamics, presented through fun activities"

Zoe M, Solutions Manager, Brisbane

"Best seminar I've been to!"                                                                                                                                                     William S, SME Sales Consultant, Brisbane