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career builder

73% of staff are more engaged when they have ‘access to tools that help manage their career goals.


Staff want to be developed and their managers want to help however this is not a business as usual activity . While vital to staff engagement, this is rarely done well.

With support on both sides of this conversation, staff have the clear goals that they need and managers have the confidence to facilitate their success.

Effective career conversations are not only a powerful lever for keeping your top people engaged, they also empirically drive:

  • Higher productivity and performance
  • Happier, more engaged and satisfied staff
  • Better financial results
  • Better customer outcomes
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staff career builder - take charge of your own career

Staff learn the fundamentals of career development and their role in it. They are empowered to take charge of their own career with the tools to identify their strengths / assets, development opportunities and career aspirations.

Their Career Action Plan [CAP] is completed in session in preparation for a career conversation with their manager.


  • Staff are accountable for driving their career and development
  • Staff identify their career sweet spot [GLO career model]
  • Managers are positioned as key supporters
  • Enhanced engagement and greater productivity.
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manager training - FACILITATING SUCCESS

Managers build the skills and confidence they need to conduct effective career conversations. They also complete their own career plans and ‘refresh’ their approach to career development. 

Managers segment their staff and prepare for specific career conversations with each team member.


  • Confident career conversations [including difficult conversations]
  • Live practice
  • One on one coaching
  • Career development conversations embedded into the organisation's culture.