great feedback for our coaching, career transition, career coaching, leadership programs and wellness workshops.



the feedback that receive from client's about their experience is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling elements of our role as coaches and facilitaors,. We are proud to share this with you. 


100% of clients rate the following aspects of their Program positively:

  • Their ALCHEMY coach;
  • The quality of the advice;
  • The level of support;
  • The flexibility of the support;
  • The materials, tools and resources provided.

100% of clients also rated the program as "valuable" in supporting their goal achievement and "enjoyable".


All delegates rate the following positively:

  • Activities aided my learning;
  • Activities gave me sufficient practice and feedback;
  • The workshop was fun and interesting;
  • The material was delivered in an engaging way;
  • ALCHEMY demonstrated excellent knowledge & expertise.


"I honestly didn't think I'd get something so soon. Thanks so much again. Your input and guidance has been an enormous help. I don't think I would have secured a role so quickly without it"

"I had a great experience with Alchemy. I felt there was a genuine interest in who I was as a person and that I received encouragement and support to find the path that suited me. I liked that there was a focus on the big picture to include all areas of life including wellness, relationships and personal fulfillment."

“ALCHEMY helped develop my job skills and I found it very motivational. It helped me set goals and put my best foot forward. I didn't end up getting the job I applied for, but was contacted directly about another position because I had performed well in the interview. The position I am in now is a fantastic fit."

"Alchemy helped me differentiate between my real wants and needs as the breadwinner of the family. I was able to do contract work for 3 months, which then transitioned in to a full time role. Someone from the outside of ones bubble, helps you focus on the real desires and needs of the next move."

"Pam was an excellent resource in helping me define what I was really searching for in my career and life in general. Our discussions really helped send me in an alternative direction and I am very excited about embarking on my new business venture."

"Christopher was very supportive throughout my entire transition. I now have an exciting new career, which is very much aligned with my values and next 5 year plan. Thank you ALCHEMY".

“I would like to recommend Sharon for the excellent way she assisted me to move on with a new career after being made redundant after 45 years of loyal service to the one company. Sharon inspired me to the start again and gave me great advice and coaching to put me back in the workforce."

"I felt that Pam had a true interest in my securing the best job I could find. She always followed up with me to keep updated with all my progress or lack thereof. Thanks for being there for me."

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the fantastic coaching sessions over the last few months. It's true that you get out what you put in -- in particular they've provided clarity with regards to where I want to be next & how to get there."

"Sharon has ably assisted me with career transition, from employee to self-employed. I couldn't be happier with the results, support and skills I have gained from our work together. In fact, transformation is the best way of describing what Sharon has helped me achieve recently."

“Thanks so much for all your help, you're very good at what you do!  It was great to get a different perspective on applying and looking for work. Certainly opened my eyes!”

“Thanks a lot for everything. You have changed my life. Thanks... If I can do anything for you, please let me know.”


"ALCHEMY has provided our staff with great assistance during this time and they are really energised and motivated by the coaching. This is the feedback I like to hear from our employees who are transitioning to their next opportunity." - HR Director

"ALCHEMY has provided Brian with some great tools and assistance during this time and he is really energised and motivated by the coaching. This is the feedback I like to hear from our employees who are transitioning to their next opportunity and would like to thank you and your team for your assistance." - HR Manager - Asia Pacific (Technology Sector)

“Having used many Career Management companies throughout my career, I was delighted to finally find a firm that genuinely cares about their clients. The ALCHEMY programs are perfectly tailored to suit our needs and I consistently receive positive feedback from the participants.” — Human Resources Director - Asia Pacific


I was able to take away several practical strategies I can immediately utilise to assist in the leadership of change but also strategies to allow myself to be more focused on the now.”

“A mix of practical advice / experience, and some new thinking on managing change - from a wellness perspective.”

“I felt the balance of interaction and direction was perfect and allowed participants to contribute without feeling uncomfortable. The number of participants (8) was a good size to allow everyone to contribute and still maintain steady progress through the agenda.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to align the learning directly with my current role. Being able to talk about real situations is very helpful.”

 "ALCHEMY came to our office to present the Wellness@Work seminar. One word, outstanding. I'm still using the examples in my day to day life. I highly recommend this seminar for your staff"

"Great training - highly recommended for all leaders and future leaders."

"This is a terrific course and well worth the time spent."

"Role plays were most valuable and getting real life examples from other leaders on their experience and how they handle situations."

"This is a 'MUST' for all people managers."

"Small class size encourages active participation from everyone"

"Clear explanation of important concepts is very helpful and the 8 practice scenarios are all very real and very relateable to what we face in real life"

 “I learnt some techniques that I will implement not just as a result of the change that I am going through but in my life practices.”