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I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the fantastic coaching sessions over the last few months. It’s true that you get out what you put in I have clear objectives and I know how to get there.
— coaching client

Leading teams and organisations is getting more complex and the quality of leadership is consistently rated as one of the primary reasons why people stay and why people leave your business. ALCHEMY coaching provides individual leaders with the support they need to deal with the challenges they face. 

We believe that the right coach can facilitate immediate and long term outcomes for the right individual and that the impact on the business can be precisely measured.




With a background in business psychology, we do thing a little differently to facilitate superior outcomes for our coaching clients and for their organisations:

  • 4D project methodology defines and measures the specific business impact for the individual, their team and the organisation;
  • A holistic focus on career, life and wellness@work®;
  • Understanding the neurology of leadership and performance;
  • Human Chemistry, our leadership assessment partner, provides access to leadership simulations and profiles;
  • ALCHEMY behaviour change tools track progress and success. Reports shared in real time.
  • The ALCHEMY collection [videos, articles, guides, tutorials and frameworks]
  • Unlimited informal coaching throughout the program;
  • Unlimited lifetime 1:1 coaching access after the program is complete.



100% of clients are more confident in their ability to lead after the program;

100% of clients saw the program as a worthwhile investment in their professional development.

93% of all target objectives achieved during the program.

On average, ALCHEMY clients deliver a 22.4% increase in 'on the job effectiveness' during the program.

In one organisation, over a period of 5 years, 64% of clients were promoted within 12 months of completing the coaching program.