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leadership fundamentals

I was able to take away several practical strategies I can immediately utilise to assist in the leadership of change but also strategies to allow myself to be more focused on the now.
— leadership fundamentals delegate

This solution was not designed by us in the lab. In listening to our network, we found that our contacts had an amazingly consistent set of leadership needs and objectives. For their leaders to be effective, they are not expected to be professors of leadership, they just need to do the fundamentals really well.

ALCHEMY's leadership fundamentals program unashamedly focuses on providing leaders with these practical tools and the opportunity to practice these on the job.




  • Profiling of the leaders to define the right leadership toolkit [tailored for each group]

  • 2+ x ½ day workshops

  • 4 weeks live on the job practice and 1:1 coaching between sessions

  • Focus on the neurology of leadership and performance

  • Weekly check-ins with the ALCHEMY collection to embed learning

  • Peer:peer support and coaching

  • Business impact report measures specific outcomes




100% of delegates rate the following positively:

  • Activities aided my learning;

  • Activities gave me sufficient practice and feedback;

  • The workshop was fun and interesting;

  • The material was delivered in an engaging way;

  • ALCHEMY demonstrated excellent knowledge & expertise.